About The Artist

     My name is Alexa Weinzierl and I have been involved in the world of theatre since I was in elementary school. Though I performed as a child, I found a passionate interest in design and technical theatre. Upon moving to a collegiate level, I have developed as an artist greater than I could ever imagine.
     I am currently a freelance costume designer, wardrobe supervisor, and costume technician. Though I am primarily a Chicago based technician and designer, I strive to work with a multitude of diverse theatrical artists, in venues across the nation. 
     Through my journey as a technician and a designer, I have found that my true home is within the department of costume design and production. I work very hard to acquire many different skills within the costuming world and am constantly driven to become increasingly multifaceted within my department. In addition to costume designing, I greatly enjoy wardrobe supervision, costume crafts, and costume construction.
     The last few years has taught me that there is no greater skill than the drive to achieve. It is that skill that makes the collaborative process of theatre, such a successful journey. In years to come I plan to further my education to the graduate level and I hope to one day  have the opportunity to teach other young artists.
     As designers and technicians we are capable of creating art that can convey themes presented through storytelling. Through numerous visual mediums we have the power to evoke emotion within the human complex. This is something that makes my job so special to me and I plan to continue to create theatrical art throughout my life. I look forward to waking up every day and seeing what new experiences the world of theatre has to offer.